Investors Alert List 投資者警示 : B Trader [ ] 沒有獲得註冊

BTrader Administrative Center
UOB Plaza 1, 36th Floor
80 Raffles Place
Singapore 048624

B Trader ( ) ,which claimed its administrative center is located in Singapore, is not licensed or regulated by Monetary Authority of Singapore ( MAS ). So, please be aware!

Financial Institutions that are licensed by or registered with MAS are listed in the MAS Financial Institutions Directory. You may visit them at :

Investors Alert List is located at﹕

Besides, you may also spend some time in reading the common techniques used by unregulated persons to solicit financial products and services and tips on how a consumer can protect himself. The link to the Guide is attached below﹕

(PS: Thank you very much to Kate Wong from Monetary Authority of Singapore ( MAS ) , for providing the related information.)

B Trader ( ) 雖然在其網站聲明該機構的管理中心坐落於新加坡內﹐但經過求證其運作並未向新加坡金管局註冊﹐也沒得到金管局的執照批准。因此﹐請大家務必小心。




(注: 非常感謝 Kate Wong 來自 新加坡金管局 Monetary Authority of Singapore ( MAS ) 提供相關資料.)